Ludovica has extensive teaching experience in private and group settings. While living in Boston she worked for the afterschool program El Sistema Sommerville, MA, then in NYC for Noel Pointer Foundation before landing at Brooklyn Conservatory where she has been collaborating with the Music Partner Program, teaching in public school, and presenting music classes for babies and toddlers at the Conservatory. 
Ludovica has also her private studio: “My goal is to promote musical appreciation for students of all abilities and ages and to offer a high standard of comprehensive music instruction and public performance. Careful attention is placed on each violin, viola, and piano student to ensure a custom lesson plan. I understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the music lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.  All aspects of music are taught, including reading, rhythm, sound development, and repertoire so that the student becomes a complete musician wherever their musical interests should lie.”

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Ludovica Music School NYC
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“I couldn’t be more happy with the progress my children have made studying piano under Ludovica. Unlike many piano teachers who simply try to teach students within the silo of the instrument itself, Ludovica takes a more integrated approach, helping children learn and understand broader musical concepts related to rhythm, harmony, and melody, which they can then manifest through the playing of the specific instrument. This has not only helped accelerate my children’s progress on the piano, it has helped deepen their musicality, understanding, and appreciation of music overall.” – Lyle – parent